Violin Sizes
Buying Tips
How to buy a violin
Renting Tips
Used Violins
Cost of maintenance
Music Teachers
Learning a Violin Tips
Violin Care Tips
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Can learning a musical instrument make you happier? 9/28/14
How Playing the Violin Reduces Drug Use 9/23/14

Violin Sizes
Violin Sizes - Choose the Correct Violin Size With a Violin Sizing Chart

Violin Accessories
Why should I buy an extra set of strings and a digital tuner?

Violin Buying Tips
8 Secrets to Buying a Quality Violin
Difference Between a Plywood and Solid Wood Violin
Here's what you should look for when the violin arrives
Is buying a Chinese-made violin bad?
Why is buying a violin is so confusing?
5 Things Violin Teachers Don't Want to See on Your Violin
Violin Buying Tips for Beginners
Why Getting a Violin is the Perfect Gift for a Child

How to buy a violin
Problems & Solutions with Buying a Beginner or Student Violin Online
Bogus Claims Made By Violin & Music Shops
Red Flags & Warnings When Buying a Violin Online
4 Questions to Ask a Local Music Shop Before Buying
6 Questions to Ask An Online Violin Shop Before Buying
How to Buy a Used Violin on Craigslist
Why are both $50 and $300 violins considered beginner violins?
Why the Editor of is Wrong About Cheap Violins
Review of Shar Music

Violin Rentals
3 Reasons Why a Violin Rental is a Rip-Off

Used Violins
Why Buying Used Violins Will Take Money Out Of Your Pocket

Violin Cases
What’s the difference? Soft Violin Cases vs. Hard Violin Cases

Violin Comparisons
Compare: Yamaha Standard Model AV5 vs. Mozart Violins Model 16 Violin
Compare: Nagoya Suzuki Model 220 Violin vs. Mozart Violins Model 12 Violin

Cost of maintaining a violin
The Cost of Maintaining a Violin

Violin Lessons
Do I need a violin teacher or can I learn the violin online?
Where to take violin lessons? Should I take private or group lessons?

How to Use Violin Accessories?
How to Apply Peg Drops to a Violin
How to Add Rosin to the Violin
What's it like learning to play the violin?
How to Install a Shoulder Rest onto the Violin
How to Fit the Bridge Onto the Violin

Violin Care Tips
Violin Care: 7 Tips to Having a Long Lasting Violin
How to Tune a Violin?
How to Change a String on Your Violin When It Breaks

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