How to Tune a Violin or Fiddle in 4 min? Tips on Violin Tuning

Here are the names of the strings from left to right: G, D, A, E

Tips on violin tuning:

1) Tune the A string first (3rd from the left), then D string (2nd from the left), then G string (1st from the left) and then finally the E string (4th from the left)

2) If the violin is completely off pitch, use the pegs (at the top of violin)
When using pegs, push peg into the violin and then turn. This will keep the pegs from slipping while you play.

3) If the violin is just a tiny bit off pitch, use the fine tuners (located below the bridge)

4) After you tune each string, be sure to check the strings once more to make sure that the strings are in tune

Remember: turning clockwise makes the note sharper and turning counter-clockwise makes the note flatter

Here's the tuner we used in the video:

Digital Violin Tuner

Lights up when your violin is in tune!
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Here is our beginner violin and intermediate violin:

Beginner Violin

Intermediate Violin