How To Care For Your Violin? 7 Ways to Increase Your Violins' Life

Violins need to be babied, otherwise they will fail on you. Here are 8 ways to increase your violins' life.
  1. Avoid leaving your violin in the following conditions:
    a) In the car or in the trunk on a hot/humid day
    b) Under direct sunlight
    c) Extreme temperatures (over 100°F)
    d) Extreme humidity
  2. Don’t allow your violin to be thrown around (even when in the case)
  3. Avoid touching the violin bow hair
  4. Loosen your violin bow after each use
  5. Remove the violin shoulder rest off the violin before closing the case
  6. Use clean cloth to wipe off the violin rosin (white stuff) from the violin strings after using the violin
  7. Don’t over tighten your violin bow- just tighten enough so your pickie can fit through at the middle of the bow
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