Why Buying Used Violins Will Take Money Out Of Your Pocket

For many individuals hoping to learn the violin, buying used violins may seem like a good investment, but here are three reasons why buying used violins are a bad idea.
  1. Expensive Repairs. Depending on how the violin was used and how it was treated, the violin may have a shorter life. For example, if the violin was left in the car or in the trunk of the car on a hot summer day, the wood of the violin would have expanded and contracted. If this happens more than once, this expanding and contracting can cause cracks and damage to the violin.
    Other conditions that may have damaged the violin: direct sunlight, extreme heat (over 100°F), or extreme humidity.
  2. Longevity. Since a beginner violin has a shorter lifespan than a professional violin, it is safer to buy a new beginner violin. Here’s why: a violin can look perfect today, but when you try to play it tomorrow, the neck may be broken.
  3. Replacement of Components. Depending on the age of the violin, the violin may need new components like violin strings.
Note: there is a difference between used violins and antique violins. Antique violins sound better than new violins since the wood has aged for a number of decades. But, used violins (i.e. a 1 year old violin) will not sound any better than new violins. If you’re looking to buy an antique violin, it may be a wise to have a professional check it out before you buy.