For every five violins we sell, we will give one to a classroom in need (please call us at 951-218-4853 if you'd like to know who you will be helping).

Who We've Managed to Help

Bayfield Foundation

Interview with Bill Bailey, Director

Dominguez High School in Compton Unified School District

Interview with Renee Cobbs, Compton Performing Arts Director

Thank YOU for giving us this opportunity!

Save the Music America and the Global Music Project

Hollywood Meets Nashville: New Violin Donated to Nashville Notes Music Program During Grammy Party

Instruments of Healing

Azusa Unified School District

Ms. Honecker's Class at North Central Academy

We saw Ms. Honecker's request for three full-size violins on DonorsChoose and reached out to see how we could help.
Here is her class:

And a personal message from her:

Thank you, Ms. Honecker, for making the ultimate sacrifice to help build our nation's future by educating our children.

Mr. Granillo's Class at Riverside School of the Arts

Mr. Granillo bought a violin from us in April 2013. When we called him to ask if there was anything we could do to improve, we learned that Mr. Granillo taught a music class in a community center that was offered for free to all comers and that the violin had been purchased for a student who couldn't afford an instrument. When we learned this, we decided to start giving violins to the program, and have helped sponsor their class ever since.

Here's a letter Mr. Granillo wrote us very recently:
I would like to thank Jason on his dedication to young violin players. Jason had been very giving with the Riverside School of Arts. He has donated one violin and repaired another one for our students to use and then donated two violins to two deserving students. Keep up the good work Jason, thanks for making these kids dreams of playing the violin come true.
Daniel Granillo, Riverside School of the Arts
We'd like to thank Mr. Granillo for his incredible generosity towards disadvantaged students. We know the world is a better place as a result.

Help a classroom like Ms. Honecker's and Mr. Granillo's by buying a beginner violin.

Learn more about our efforts to keep school music programs in place on the

Why We Give

A Letter from our Chief Violin Giver

Dear Customers,

One Sunday afternoon, I felt uninspired. I'd spent the day setting up violins—making sure the strings were aligned on the bridge, the pegs held in place, and the rosin was appropriately scratched up to ensure the bow made sound when played across the strings. I was burned out.

Then I stumbled upon Mrs. Honecker's need for violins on DonorsChoose. I found out that Mrs. Honecker’s school was in an extremely low income area and desperately needed some instruments to start their music program. We contacted her immediately and decided to send her three violins to start with.

This first donation started a trickle effect into our many donations to come. One day, sitting around our office, I realized that, as a violin company, we could truly make a difference by following TOMS model of giving one pair of shoes whenever they sold a pair. So we give a violin to a child in need for every five we sell.

That's our story. You too can make a difference in this world, one violin at a time. Let's all do our part to make this world a better place.

On behalf of our team at Mozart Violins,
Jason Chan
Chief Violin Giver

P.S. Thank you for purchasing our instruments. We couldn't do it without you.