Bogus Claims Made By Violin & Music Shops

We are writing this article since we are disgusted about music shops making bogus claims to parents and individuals about violins. Here are just some of the claims we have heard:

  1. You need to get a German or Italian violin to learn to play the violin. That is completely bogus. For someone starting out, a student can’t tell the difference between a violin made in China (i.e. Our Model 12 series) or a German made violin. Please read the article we wrote for more information: Is buying a Chinese-made violin bad?
  2. You need to get a hard case to better protect the violin. Please read our article on the facts and myths about violin cases.
  3. You should buy a used beginner violin for $300. That’s insane! $300 for a used beginner violin! Please read our article on why buying used violins will take money out of your pocket.
  4. You need to buy a better sounding bow for $30. For beginners, a basic bow will suffice. It can be compared to learning to drive a car. There’s no reason to get a Ferrari to learn to drive a car when a Ford will due.
  5. You need to buy an extra set of violin strings for $50. An extra set of violin strings are critical, but paying $50 for them is not especially as a beginner. Our basic beginner violin string set for $17 will do.
We also recommend you to try to get a list of prices for their services. Some shops may charge up to $50 just to help you resize a new bridge.