Violin 101

For the past 3 years, we've dedicated ourselves to teaching folks everything we know about violins, from the issues with beginner violins to violin care tips. Violin 101 is here to help you learn how to buy a quality beginner violin, learn about insider tactics that violin shops use to manipulate their customers, and how to take care of your violin.

This is what Violin 101 is for:
  1. How to Find Violins for Beginners? How Much Does a Violin Cost?
  2. Now that you know what grade of violin you are looking for, here’s how to choose the correct violin size with a Violin Sizing Chart.
  3. Now I know what violin size I need, should I buy new beginner violin, used violin or get a violin rental?
    Here are 3 reasons why buying used violins can be more expensive than a new beginner violin
    Here are 3 reasons why a violin rental is more expensive than just buying
  4. I’m wondering how the violin looks when it arrives. Here is an unboxing video of the Mozart Violins Model 12 Classic Beginner Violin
  5. Now, I got my violin. how can I take care of my violin? Here are 7 tips on keeping your violin in great condition
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