Should I hire a violin teacher or take violin lessons online?

If you’re on a limited budget, we recommend you to take at least one month of private or group violin lessons and then take violin lessons online. Nowadays, violin lessons online can teach you how to play the violin from the very basics to professional level playing. But, the one month of group or private lessons is crucial, since this is the time when bad habits of holding the violin and bow are formed. Once bad habits are formed, they are difficult to unlearn.

Don’t forget to check your local recreation center or community college for subsidized or discount lessons. Here in Riverside, California, we have a school that teaches violin and only charges $30 for their materials fee.

Note: If your son or daughter is already learning in school, finding an outside teacher is not necessary unless they would like to get ahead.

Now that you’ve decided to take lessons, how do I find a violin teacher? Should I take private or group violin lessons?