Why are both $50 and $300 violins considered beginner violins?

So in the beginner violin market, there are typically two kinds of violins. The first kind of violins (typically priced between $50-100) are made of plywood or laminated wood. These violins are NOT recommended as they will break after a couple months of use due to the lack of strength in the wood.
For a more in-depth reason, watch this video about the difference between a plywood violin and a solid wood violin:

The second kind of violin is made out of solid wood. Getting a violin made out of solid wood is a MUST. This will save you lots of time and money.
Violins in this grade can range from $100-400. We are very skeptical of violins that cost less than $125 since they usually do not pass our 8 secrets to buying a quality violin test. Now, so your question might be, why is there such a big difference in price still? The primary reason is due to the price discrepancy of an online violin shop and a retail shop. As an online violin shop, we do not pay for retail space and individuals to manage our shop, which in turn saves us thousands of dollars a month. So a violin that a local music shop sells for $300 could be very similar to our Mozart Violins Model 12 that sells for less than $150.