Beginner Violin- Buying and Care Tips

Violin Sizes
Choose the Correct Violin Size With a Violin Sizing Chart

How to Buy a Violin?
9 Secrets to Buying a Quality Beginner Violin
Difference Between a Plywood and Solid Wood Beginner Violin
3 Reasons Why a Violin Rental is a Rip-Off
How much does a violin cost? Where are violins for sale?
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Finding a Violin Teacher
Do I need a violin teacher or can I learn the violin online?
Where to take violin lessons? Should I take private or group lessons?

How to Play the Violin?
Lesson #1: How to Hold a Violin or Fiddle & Bow in 7 min?

Violin Care Tips
How to Tune a Violin or Fiddle in 4 min?
How to Change Violin Strings in 3 min?
How to Care For Your Violin? 8 Ways to Increase Your Violins' Life
How to Install a Shoulder Rest onto the Violin
How to Add Rosin to the Violin?