Is buying a Chinese-made violin bad?

A common question we receive is the difference between getting a violin made in Germany and a violin made in China (i.e. Fohnwind). Many teachers would recommend their students to buy a German or Italian violin. But in reality, if you are starting out and looking for a beginner violin, there is no difference between buying a violin made in Germany versus a violin made in China. If you’re buying a violin that costs less than $500, you’d be wasting your money buying a violin made in Germany or Italy.

To put things into perspective, our Mozart Violins Model 12 (made in China) violin sells for $179. In order to find the same quality violin made in Germany or Italy or in the United States, you would need to spend upward to $250-300. It’s like the difference between a Gucci handbag and a Louis Vuitton handbag. Although they are different brands with one costing a lot more, the quality is the same.

There’s a common misconception that violins made in China lack in comparison to violins made in other countries. That was the case 10 years ago. But now, with similar techniques and technology, some concert-level violins made in China are even be better than a similar violin made in Germany.