Why the Editor of Violinist.com is Wrong About Cheap Violins

We were reading an article posted by Laurie Niles (Editor of Violinist.com) and one key point stuck out. She noted in the article that "If you are new to the violin, you might be tempted to buy one of the low-priced violins advertised all over the Internet—by low-priced I mean anything under about $300."

We firmly disagree with this statement. Our beginner Mozart Violins Model 12 is a quality made beginner violin made out of maple and spruce for less than $150. We believe the reason for such price discrepancy is due to the difference between an online violin shop and a retail shop. As an online violin shop, we do not pay for retail space and individuals to manage our shop, which in turn saves us thousands of dollars a month. So a violin that a local music shop sells for $300 could be very similar to our Mozart Violins Model 12 for $199.

Even so, Laurie makes a key point that many violins sold online are poorly made. So in order to buy a quality violin, be sure to go through our 8 secrets to buying a quality violin.