Violin Sizes - Choose the Correct Violin Size With a Violin Sizing Chart

The four standard violin sizes are the 4/4 (also known as the full size violin), 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 size. These violin sizes represent how long the violin is. For example, the full size violin (4/4) is 23 inches long, while the 3/4 size violin is 21.5 inches long. Each size is for a different age group, so please do not choose the wrong size.

To figure out what violin size you need, all you'll need is a measuring tape. Please start by stretching out your left arm and measure from your shoulder joint (end of your shoulder and beginning of your upper arm) to the center of your palm.

Once you get that measurement, please compare it to the violin sizing chart below and see which violin size best fits your needs.

Violin Size Chart
Violin Sizes Arm Length
4/4 (Full Size Violin) 21+ inches
3/4 Violin 20-20.9 inches
1/2 Violin 18-19.9 inches
1/4 Violin 16.5-17.9 inches

Here is our beginner violin and intermediate violin:

Beginner Violin

Intermediate Violin