3 Reasons Why a Violin Rental is a Rip-Off

Some violin teachers may recommend you to get a violin rental, but here are three reasons why we believe renting a beginner violin is not worth it.

  1. Owning a beginner violin is the same cost as renting one for 10 months. While a violin rental costs between $20-30 per month, we sell a similar beginner violin for just $179 (Mozart Violins Model 12 Classic) including shipping. This means that in just 10 months, you begin saving money.

  2. The feeling of ownership. You can do anything you want with the violin. Nobody is going to surcharge you for every little ding in the violin when you return it.

  3. The ability to resell. Violins are one of those assets that lose very little value. As long as you keep the violin in good condition, you can usually resell the violin.

Here are our beginner violin and intermediate violin:

Beginner Violin

Intermediate Violin