Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons #1: How to Hold a Violin or Fiddle & Bow in 7 min?

Holding the violin and bow properly is critical because bad form will hinder your performance. Additionally, once bad habits are formed, they become very difficult to break.
Here's how to tune a violin?

Quick Tips

1) When holding the bow, make sure that all your fingers are curved -meaning no curved fingers -
Holding the bow like this may be uncomfortable for a few weeks, but will become comfortable

2) Never tighten the bow more than 1/4 of an inch (at the center of bow)

3) Rosin bow about once a week

4) Hold the violin at a 45 degree angle (not to your side or right in front of you)

5) Make sure that your left elbow is curved at about a 90 degree angle. If your elbow is more than 90 degrees, your violin may be too big. If your elbow is less than 90 degrees, your violin may be too small. Watch our violin sizes video on how to figure out what violin size you need?

6) If you have a shoulder rest, you should be able to hold the violin without your hands

Things to Remember:
1) Here are the names of the strings from left to right: G, D, A, E

2) Always cut your nails when playing the violin