How much does a violin cost? Where are violins for sale?

With violins for sale from Craigslist to your local violin shop, it can become very confusing how much a violin costs. Violins & fiddles can cost anywhere from $50-$100,000 for a Stradivarius. Violin prices are determined by the brand, the quality of wood, workmanship, sound and setup. Violins for beginners are typically between $150-$300. The more you pay, the better and more beautiful the sound becomes. But for students looking to see if they like to play the violin, a beginner violin under $200 is a great start.

We highly discourage individuals to buy a beginner violin less than $150 off eBay or Amazon because those instruments tend to be made of inferior materials (such a plywood or plastic) and are not properly shop adjusted (meaning that you could spend up to $75 at your local shop just setting it up properly). Currently, our most popular beginner violin is our Mozart Violins Model 12 Classic Violin.

If you’re planning to buy a beginner violin or fiddle from sites like Craigslist, make sure that the violin passes our 9-point test. Since there are so many inferior violins on the market, this test will help ensure that you are purchasing a quality beginner violin.